It matters where oil & gas come from

Darcy Hitchcock

Oil and gas are commodities. They’re traded around the world. In addition to providing energy, they’re also in lots of materials: polyester fabrics, plastic bottles, and even pharmaceuticals. We can’t abruptly stop using fossil fuels but it matters where we source them from. Rocky Mountain Institute has created a database to help us identify the better and worse sources.

There can be as much as a 10 fold difference between their climate impacts. This information can help may help if we ever get a global price on carbon. We’ll be able to assign the fees based on actual contributions.

There is no standard oil and gas. A hodgepodge of hydrocarbons is produced, processed, and transformed into usable petroleum products that flow through today’s economy. Oil and gas characteristics, production methods, and operational stewardship vary widely. And, by extension, oil and gas climate impacts vary widely too. Significant opportunities exist to…

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