French Fridays Libri Library Review: Voyage au centre de la terre, by Jules Verne

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Once again, thank you to, and thank you to Birgit for recommending this book (which I find much better than the film, personally, as I recall it).  And I am STILL Waiting on pins and needles, triple argh!!!, as I schedule this for Lupin Part 3 to start up again, with Omar Sy!!!

This was a hard book to rate, since there were lots of readers, some not so good.  I can definitely say that I loved the nephew!
(Just ask if I forget any translations from my reading updates…)

Bon, c’est pas facile de dire comment j’ai aimais, ou pas, ce livre, cars il y avait plein de lecteurs, pas tous bien.

Ce que c’est sur c’est que j’adore ce brave jeune garçon !

“…et c’est un défaut regrettable chez un orateur.”

🙂 Merci Emy !!

Une excellente lectrice !”

Je l’ecoutes par

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