A lost treasure

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“What is a treasure that’s been lost?” was the question in the Bloganuary prompt.

The image that immediately came to mind was an illustration from “Treasure Island,” by the remarkable nineteenth century traveler, thinker and writer Robert Louis Stevenson. Various versions of this map include an “X marks the spot,” where the treasure is likely to be found. At the end of the story, I believe it is divided up among various characters in the story – remember Long John Silver, and Ben Gunn?

This is apparently the original map from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island.” The treasure is there, somewhere.

Sometimes, however, the treasure is not hidden, or buried. Sometimes it is right in front of you, or just down the road. It may not be a chest full of gold, but it has value; or it once had value.

Sadly, in our ever-changing, but sometimes sad and worn…

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