Poetic Reflections of Light

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Image Credit: I.am_nah

The first image of illumination
when I take off the blinders and see through darkness
a glimmer of guiding light still shines
giving me hope where the lost is now found

a bird is singing its song
I can only hear the direction from where it comes
although I don’t see it, it still sings
for its presence is known by its voice

standing in a dark room at night
the reflection of a full moon pierces its way
through gaps in windows from the depths of the sky
a natural spotlight still lights the night

on a stormy day that suddenly breaks
when the sun penetrates through dark clouds
and casts rays beaming from the heavens
the sun always shines in all of its splendor

alluring are the reflections that glisten
light revealing the evolution of life
not merely existing by mortal standards
but breathing through…

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