annoyed with the cat

Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

A poem in Vietnamese by Hương Cỏ May
Translator: Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm



alone I consoled myself 

the breeze giddy

the sun playful

where could it be?

the cat… nodding off in a corner somewhere

ignoring the winter

the chill

consoled by its own warmth

I sat crying through the sunrise

through the everyday light

welcomed the breeze

… I forgot about the cat!!!

December 2022





Đơn côi tôi tự dỗ tôi

gió đùa

nắng chạy

biết nơi nào tìm?

Con mèo…ngủ gật lim dim

quên đông 

rét lạnh 

tự êm ấm mình

Tôi ngồi khóc suốt bình minh

nắng sang

gió đến

…tôi quên con mèo!!!


Hương Cỏ May


(bài thơ viết tặng…con mèo🥰

bẻ lái gấp quá đến quên cả vần😅)

Hương cỏ may, the poet lives in…

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The Leader Told You So: US Rep-Elect George Santos is a Fraud – and Wanted Criminal

By Niall Fitzgerald In a story first broken by the North Shore Leader over four months ago, the national media has suddenly discovered that US Congressman-elect George Santos (R-Queens / Nassau) – dubbed “George Scam-tos” by many local political observers – is a deepfake liar who has falsified his background, assets, and contacts. He is fact a wanted petty criminal in Brazil. The New York Times published a lengthy expose on Santos this week detailing that virtually everything Santos has said, f
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Marii Freire comigo!

” Um autor tem que escrever todos dias, esse é o seu ofício. A experiência de escrever o afasta da monotonia, e o aproxima de quem ele é: autor. Seu instrumento, a escrita exprime a arte das palavras. Estas, usadas para definir seu conteúdo e traços. Um autor, raramente, modifica essa condição, porque a sua imaginação é fecunda, isto é, ele cria. Não por acaso, essa arte o define. Um autor é composto por sua estética, estilo e seus próprios pedaços para ampliar o prazer daqueles que o leem.

Marii Freire. comigo!

Imagem: pinterest/ Creative Market

Santarém, Pá 30 de dezembro de 2022

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Ariano Suassuna comigo!

” Tenho duas armas para lutar contra o desespero, a tristeza e até a morte: o riso a cavalo e o galope do sonho. É com isso que enfrento essa dura e fascinante tarefa de viver.”

Ariano Suassuna

Marii Freire comigo!

Imagem: pinterest/

Santarém, Pá 30 de dezembro de 2022

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Once Upon a Time

From Behind the Pen

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, the day stood still for a moment

a time that is no more because it passed to the past

Once upon a time, there was something brand new

a newness that aged in the presence of change

Once upon a time, the magic of a story began

as sequels flowed into an endless space of tellers

Once upon a time, the familiar was comforting

now, what was comforting is no longer familiar

Once upon a time, where seeds began to sprout

first fruits herald a harvest horn of plenty

Once upon a time, where learning was forbidden

lessons unfold in the breath of life no longer hidden.

©Kym Gordon Moore

Image Credit: Piotr Siedlecki

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Three little piggies could have had a hemp house

Darcy Hitchcock

In the children’s story, the Three Little Pigs, the straw house gets blown apart by the big, bad wolf. If that piggie had used hemp instead, it would have survived.

Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants, a non-psychoactive form of marijuana/cannabis, which can be part of the walls (hempcrete) and insulation (HempWool.)

HempWool insulation is made from 90% hemp fibers and 10% binder. It is the only insulation on the market that is carbon negative. This means that architects can lower a building’s embodied carbon footprint by integrating HempWool for a project’s insulation needs. Additionally, the panels are safe to be handled without gloves and can be used for floors, walls and ceilings to provide acoustic and thermal insulation.

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