Only One Mark, Please|لطفا فقط یک نمره

A Voice from Iran

“175th story”

First published: Jan.14.2021

The teacher was in the class alone when a student walked towards her.

When the teacher saw the student, said: “Did you know you got nine in your exam? You are the only one in the class who failed this test.”

The ashamed student replied: “Can you give me one mark so that I wouldn’t fail?”

The teacher replied firmly: “It will not be possible to give you one mark. I gave you what you deserved. I’m not punishing you, but I just want you to try harder and study more for the next exam.”

The frightened student said: “But my mother will beat me.”

The teacher stayed quiet. She knew all the parents want the best for their kids, but by beating, a child will never grow to become a better or educated person in life. And it will be a bad influence and…

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Thieves|غارت گران

Daily Observation

“172nd story” First published: Dec.17.2020 We have three kinds of thieves in the world; 1-The average thieves 2-The political thieves 3-The religious thieves -The average thieves are the ones that steal money, gold, empty your pocket, house, and store. They rob you to keep their stomach full. -The second one steals your future, dreams, jobs, […]

Thieves|غارت گران

So true. Thanks for sharing 💛

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Bem comigo!

Só faz o bem, aquele que o tem guardado em vastas reservas. É inútil você esperar receber flores de quem nunca preocupou-se em cuidar da terra, de quem nunca adubou, molhou, ou fez todo aquele preparo para o plantio, como se diz “de quem nunca colocou a sementinha para germinar” naquele solo preparado com cuidado. Até a vida é ingrata no raso de si. Ela não acrescenta absolutamente nada, nem à você, nem a mim, sem o mínimo de esforço que se faça. O que estou dizendo, serve pra tudo, serve para trabalho, amor, amizade, serve para relação com as pessoas.

Quantas pessoas se encontra pelo caminho que são secas? São como sementes que não geram flores, frutos? Várias. Há ser humano que, por mais que você faça por elas, estas pessoas jamais serão capazes de retribuir o bem com o bem. Tanta gente que por ter o caráter…

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The Psychology of Persuasion

I was once taking a stroll around my campus in the subnivean city of Seattle. On the floor, I suddenly spotted before me a petite sparrow. She was seemingly in pain and unable to fly. Around me were a good number of collegers streaming by. Several passed by and went on with their day without paying attention. The few who noticed the struggling bird or the bothered look on my face checked the social evidence around them and, seeing no one reacting with any real concern, walked on convinced that nothing is wrong. A little while later, for no other reason other than my intense love for nature and its animals, I stopped two of my friends to come and stand next to me and the bird. To my surprise, passerbys started to join us after absorbing the scene: a snow coated street, a helpless little bird, three people with…

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