Full Moon: “Art is at the centre of everything,” says Jamaican artist educator Mortimer McPherson

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On a humid Monday morning in late November, I found myself sitting on the verandah of a suburban home on the outskirts of Kingston, eating a most unusual snack, and engaging in conversation with Jamaican fine artist, wood turner, and art educator Mortimer McPherson.

The evening before, McPherson had opened his latest solo exhibition, entitled “Full Moon.” His last one was back in 2017. The front yard atStudio Mortimer was crowded with art lovers of all ages, including a bus-full of young men from Mount Olivet Boys’ Home in Manchester, who through their instructors, are being handed down the trade by the art educator.

Standing room only at the opening of Mortimer McPherson’s exhibition, “Full Moon.” (Photo: Incite Communication)

From the rural district of Glengoffe in St. Catherine, McPherson has always understood his calling. And he pursued it, collecting funds from a family member to send himself to…

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