All Came Back

Kaushal Kishore

I have my deepest regards for the renowned aerospace scientist and the former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who once said,

Ihad a sparrow as a pet,
but it flew one day…
then I had a squirrel,
but it ran away too…
then I planted a tree
and they both came back…
– Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Inspired by this famous quote, our Banta Singh once wrote:

One day I brought chips,
my friends ate and ran away…
the other day I got chicken tikka,
some other friends came,
ate and ran away…
then I got whiskey,
they all came back
with chips and chicken tikka…
-Banta Singh

I read both pieces and got inspired in my own way. I wrote back as under:

Ihad my dad,
he left one day…
I had my mom,
she also left one day…
I had some friends and relatives,

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