Full Moon: “Art is at the centre of everything,” says Jamaican artist educator Mortimer McPherson

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On a humid Monday morning in late November, I found myself sitting on the verandah of a suburban home on the outskirts of Kingston, eating a most unusual snack, and engaging in conversation with Jamaican fine artist, wood turner, and art educator Mortimer McPherson.

The evening before, McPherson had opened his latest solo exhibition, entitled “Full Moon.” His last one was back in 2017. The front yard atStudio Mortimer was crowded with art lovers of all ages, including a bus-full of young men from Mount Olivet Boys’ Home in Manchester, who through their instructors, are being handed down the trade by the art educator.

Standing room only at the opening of Mortimer McPherson’s exhibition, “Full Moon.” (Photo: Incite Communication)

From the rural district of Glengoffe in St. Catherine, McPherson has always understood his calling. And he pursued it, collecting funds from a family member to send himself to…

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Be Compassionate

On a mission

It is around this time of the year I return to certain movies that are magical, entertaining, self-reminder, and valuable lessons as well.

Last night I watched Christmas Carol based on Charles Dickens’s 1843 classic novella A Christmas Carol. Having read the book while growing up and now watching the movie seems like one of the best adaptions.

The takeaways:

1. We are not going to take away any money with us, so earn well to spend here.

2. Be nice to folks you may not have any idea what they are going through.

3. Everyone is different so don’t judge.

4. Friends are important and so is family.

5. If we can’t be nice all the time but then be nice most of the time.

6. Be compassionate.

That’s all from the cold and snowing Chicago!

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All Came Back

Kaushal Kishore

I have my deepest regards for the renowned aerospace scientist and the former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who once said,

Ihad a sparrow as a pet,
but it flew one day…
then I had a squirrel,
but it ran away too…
then I planted a tree
and they both came back…
– Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Inspired by this famous quote, our Banta Singh once wrote:

One day I brought chips,
my friends ate and ran away…
the other day I got chicken tikka,
some other friends came,
ate and ran away…
then I got whiskey,
they all came back
with chips and chicken tikka…
-Banta Singh

I read both pieces and got inspired in my own way. I wrote back as under:

Ihad my dad,
he left one day…
I had my mom,
she also left one day…
I had some friends and relatives,

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भरोसा / Trust – Kaushal Kishore

भरोसा तुम पर
इसलिए नहीं किया मैं ने
कि तुम वही करोगे
जो मैं चाहता हूं,
बल्कि इसलिए
कि तुम वही करोगे
जो मेरे लिए सही होगा…


I trust you,
not because
you will do what I want,
but because you will do
what is right for me…

–Kaushal Kishore

Source: भरोसा / Trust – Kaushal Kishore

Opinion | Biden’s America Finds Its Voice – The New York Times

Zelensky and his fellow Ukrainians have reminded Americans of the values and causes we used to admire in ourselves — the ardent hunger for freedom, the deep-rooted respect for equality and human dignity, the willingness to fight against brutal authoritarians who would crush the human face under the heel of their muddy boots. It is as if Ukraine and Zelensky have rekindled a forgotten song, and suddenly everybody has remembered how to sing it.

Zelensky was not subtle about making this point. He said that what Ukraine is fighting for today has echoes in what so many Americans fought for over centuries. I thought of John Adams, Frederick Douglass, Theodore Roosevelt, George Marshall, Fannie Lou Hamer, the many unsung heroes of the Cold War. His words reminded us that America supports Ukraine not only out of national interest — to preserve a stable liberal world order — but also to live out a faith that is essential to this country’s being and identity. The thing that really holds America together is this fervent idea.