Models predict massive wave of disease and death if China lifts ‘zero COVID’ policy | Science | AAAS

…models show why the Chinese government still wants to keep a lid on. A study based on vaccination rates in March, published in Nature Medicine in May, found that lifting zero-COVID restrictions at that point could “generate a tsunami of COVID-19 cases” over a 6-month period, with 112 million symptomatic cases, 2.7 million intensive care unit (ICU) admissions, and 1.6 million deaths. Peak demand for ICU beds would hit 1 million, more than 15 times the current capacity. Source: Models predict massive wave of disease and death if China lifts ‘zero COVID’ policy | Science | AAAS

Make Others Feel Important

I was at my favourite vegan café relishing my chocolate brownie when I witnessed two friends talking. Let’s call them Sarah and Angel. Sarah kept speaking away about her life and her problems, ranging from how her schedule is too hectic at school to how her roommate is too loud, leaving Angel with no opportunity to speak.

Similarly, yesterday I was at a dance party and I met a guy who wouldn’t stop boasting about how his family always spoilt him with luxury so he could live an opulent life. People who speak like that somehow imply that they are above and the other person is below. So I despised every moment of the time we spent with each other.

Though, it was interesting for me to witness these situations because it made me understand what makes some people more attractive than others and what makes us enjoy someone’s company…

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Why is delayed gratification so hard?

This is me most of the time: “I want something, I want it NOW!”. Delayed gratification, however, is our ability to resist temptations of instant pleasure. And for me, it’s not easy…

A 1960’s Stanford professor named Walter conducted the Marshmallow Experiment. A group of children were brought to a room. In the room, one white fluffy marshmallow stared at each of them. At this point, the researcher told each child that he was going to leave the room. If the child didn’t eat the marshmallow while he was away, they would be rewarded with a second marshmallow. However, if the child did eat the marshmallow, they wouldn’t get a second. These children were studied years later and were found to be more focussed, disciplined, and happier in a number of different areas of life if they had chosen not to eat the first marshmallow. These results shocked…

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Right-wing attempts to eliminate constitutional protections are no joke

Systemic Disorder

Donald Trump’s recent rant that the U.S. Constitution should be “terminated” so that he can be installed as president for life merits no response, given the Orange one-man crime wave’s tenuous connection to reality. Laughter is the appropriate riposte as Trump’s futile attempts at becoming the fascist dictator he clearly aspires to be become ever more futile.

But is his latest childish tantrum really something to be laughed off? Having skipped the “tragedy” phase and gone straight to “farce,” Trump is facing what is likely to become a politically terminal case of irrelevancy as new contenders for Mussolini’s crown, most notably but not only Ron DeSantis, emerge. The nascent fascist movement that has coalesced around Trump, and the varieties of extreme right menace that shade into it that are now expressed through the Republican Party, are no laughing matter. And while embarrassed silence or a quick change of subject might…

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I knew a man named Gary 
I wrote about him in my poetry
But then, he turned out to be a bunny in a man’s guise
nonetheless I wisened and got more wise
I hope not to cross paths with a man and find out he’s a tom cat
because my go to feline feel is Garfield
he will always be my pet nonpareil
my carroty favourite is bugs bunny
he makes me smile cos he’s so funny

I went to Disney to find Tom and Jerry
found them where a can of cheese sat
both of them not an eyelid did bat
it was hide n seek n peek a boo
each other they did pursue
so much mischief they did brew
I caught them in a cheesy combat
Jerry fled the scene at the drop of a hat
Tom had to let go of the cheese he…

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Racism poses public health threat to millions worldwide, finds report | Medical research | The Guardian

Racism, xenophobia and discrimination are “fundamental influences” on health globally but have been overlooked by health researchers, policymakers and practitioners, the series published in the Lancet suggests.

Inaccurate and unfounded assumptions about genetic differences between races also continue to shape health outcomes through research, policy and practice, the review of evidence and studies found.

“Racism and xenophobia exist in every modern society and have profound effects on the health of disadvantaged people,” said the lead author, Prof Delan Devakumar of University College London.

Source: Racism poses public health threat to millions worldwide, finds report | Medical research | The Guardian