Raise Your Vibration By Laughing + Two Funny Images For You

Ideas and Advice for How To Live a Joyful and Empowered Life.

Laughing is a way to lift our mood and when our mood is lifted we are in a more magnetic vibration – meaning we will attract the things and experiences that we want faster. Whenever I feel my mood going down or I catch myself going negative, I do a number of things to get back to a good vibration as soon as possible so I don’t delay my manifestations. Laughing is one of the things I do. Sometimes I will think of something funny that happened in the past. Sometimes I’ll watch a funny show or movie. Sometimes I’ll talk to a funny friend or be goofy with my daughter.

I’ve recently created two funny images that I’m including here in case they will help you laugh, and these images can be purchased on different products if you like them. Below are a few of those products but the…

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