QAnon Is Back on Twitter—and It’s About to Get Much Worse

One of the most prominent QAnon accounts on the platform right now is one being run by John Sabal, known to his followers as QAnon John. Sabal is running the account belonging to his company Patriot Voice, which organizes large QAnon-linked conferences that have featured sitting GOP lawmakers and well-known figures from MAGA world. Sabal’s account has received the blue check verification, which is obtained by subscribing to Twitter’s new $8-a-month subscription service.

In recent days, Sabal has been using Twitter to  promote his upcoming QAnon conference in Texas, which will feature Trumpworld figures like Rudy Giuliani and Kash Patel, who was chief of staff to the Acting Secretary of Defense during the Trump administration. Sabal has also been posting new “Q drops” direct from 8kun, which have been a mix of conspiracy theories about “a war on your DNA,” a promise from Q to hold a question and answer session with followers, and a cryptic message about prophets. Sabel’s also been pushing COVID-19 conspiracies and praising Musk for “banning pedophiles” after Twitter suspended  a number of prominent anti-fascist accounts.

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Carlos Drummond de Andrade comigo!

” Amor é privilégio de maduros

estendidos na mais estreita cama,

que se torna a mais larga e mais relvosa,

roçando, em casa poro, o céu do corpo.

É isto, amor: o ganho não previsto,

o prêmio subterrâneo e coruscante,

leitura de relâmpago cifrado,

que, decifrado, nada mais existe”

Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Amor e seu Tempo.

ANDRADE, Carlos Drummond. Seleção de textos, notas, estudos biográfico, histórico e crítico por Nova Cultural, São Paulo, 1990 ( Literatura Comentada)

Marii Freire

htts:// VEM comigo!

Imagem: pinterest/ PapodeHomem

Santarém, Pá 28 de novembro de 2022

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Carpe diem – In memoriam Ingo Heine

Senioren um die Welt

Es gibt Menschen, die unauslöschliche Spuren hinterlassen, nicht dadurch, dass sie sich in den Vordergrund stellen, sondern allein durch ihre Persönlichkeit, ihre Handlungen, ihre Menschlickkeit, ihre völkerverbindende Art. Sie wirken im Stillen und brauchen keine Propaganda, um auf sich aufmerksam zu machen. Solch ein Mensch war mein Neffe Ingo, der durch eine tückische Krankheit viel zu früh gehen musste. Er hatte noch so viele Pläne.

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Monday Notes: Therapy Every Day

K E Garland

“You want your friends to do therapy,” my goddaughter said. “And that’s too hard.”

I had just shared the details of a failed friendship, and my goddaughter’s words made sense. You see, I’ve spent the last eight years in self-therapy. I allow my intuition to lead me to a new concept, then I research who the “leading authority” is on that idea, and then I read his or her work. For example, attempting to understand my oldest daughter and her choice of boyfriend(s), led me to the concept of codependence, which led me to Melody Beattie’s work, which led me to read The New Codependency. Consequently, I began to understand myself and how I’d embodied similar traits.

This is normal for me. I not only read about concepts that reveal a deeper understanding of myself, but I also apply them. When I realized I’d lived much of my young…

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