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Sempre podemos nos sensibilizar com a dor do outro, e “dos outros”. Sempre é possível sermos solidários com aqueles que precisam. Podemos também através dessa ação, dialogar conosco, e com consciência por vezes, ir contra a nossa própria natureza. Sim, podemos decidir entre o novo e o velho, entre vida e dor, entre ter que “abrir e fechar portas”. Com base nisso, o ser humano pode decidir sobre fazer o bem àqueles que de alguma os prejudicaram, ou decidir seguir ignorando a natureza e a lei do retorno. Eu posso, você… pode. Mas tem uma coisa que pesa nessa decisão: O amor ao próximo, sempre irá falar sobre consenso, e a consciência sobre exigência. Mas, tendo sensibilidade de admitir as nossas próprias imperfeições e fazendo bom uso do caráter, sempre haverá a possibilidade ao recuo. É ele ( o recuo) que nos torna pessoas conscientes e capazes de estender a…

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We have to find our purpose. If accumulating money is our main goal we have to ask ourselves what is our motivation. It can buy us friends and a ticket to the upper echelon of society, but would it bring us peace? We can make this world a better place by sharing love. Love is eternal. We came with nothing and we leave with nothing.

Norma Bobb-Semple 2022

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Russia Is Down To Using Ancient Tanks to Fight Ukraine – 19FortyFive

T-62 in Ukraine The T-62M is a Soviet main battle tank introduced in 1961 – and while there have been variants of the tank introduced over the last sixty years, many of those seen on the battlefield in Ukraine have not had sufficient upgrades to protect them against more modern ammunition and missile technology.

It means that the tanks are particularly vulnerable to the NATO-standard missile systems, including HIMARS, gifted to Ukraine by the United States and other western countries.

Similar photographs have been shared in recent weeks in Kherson, as Russian forces withdrew from the “annexed” region and left behind damaged equipment – and even in some cases, perfectly usable equipment.

Source: Russia Is Down To Using Ancient Tanks to Fight Ukraine – 19FortyFive

The Week’s Best Cartoons 11/26 — Filosofa’s Word

My mind seems not to have yet recovered from the Thanksgiving holiday and I can’t even seem to figure out what day of the week it is, much less put fingers to keyboard to write a reasonably coherent post.  But that’s okay — fortunately the cartoonists have my back and are as sharp as ever! […]

The Week’s Best Cartoons 11/26 — Filosofa’s Word

Twitter fails to detect upload of Christchurch mosque terror attacks footage | RNZ News

Clips from the terrorist’s video of the Christchurch mosque attacks were uploaded last week to Twitter, which did not pick them up as harmful.

Other users reported the videos and the government separately raised it with the company on Friday night.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said Twitter’s automated reporting function failed to identify the content as harmful.

Twitter advised the government overnight on Friday the clips had been taken down and it would do a sweep for other instances.

The Prime Minister’s office said as a member of the Christchurch Call community of 120 governments and online service providers, Twitter was expected to remove terrorist content published on its platform.

Source: Twitter fails to detect upload of Christchurch mosque terror attacks footage | RNZ News