A splash of art and crafts for Christmas in Kingston, Jamaica

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It’s that time of year again, with the softening of the sun’s harsh rays and the shortening of our days. The light changes somehow, and the weather has calmed. So, it’s feeling a little like Christmas!

In Kingston, however, the traffic has not calmed at all, and the season’s activities have stepped up. These include a flurry of art and crafts – a flowering of creativity on sale, with “something for everyone,” as they say.

I picked out just a few that might interest you if you are in the city this weekend.

Kingston Creative is back (it never really went away) – but now back to its regular Art Walk, with a vibrant programme of events downtown on Sunday, November 27. The emphasis is “live,” with performing arts as well as food, art and craft booths; and the opportunity to admire the murals on Water Lane and elsewhere, which…

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