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Hoje, 25 de novembro – Dia Internacional da não- violência contra a mulher, é uma data que, além de muitas manifestações pelo país, faz um alerta sobre a importância de falar a respeito da violência e, conscientizar a sociedade sobre o problema. Infelizmente, a violência contra a mulher é uma realidade triste e que anualmente,…
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A splash of art and crafts for Christmas in Kingston, Jamaica

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It’s that time of year again, with the softening of the sun’s harsh rays and the shortening of our days. The light changes somehow, and the weather has calmed. So, it’s feeling a little like Christmas!

In Kingston, however, the traffic has not calmed at all, and the season’s activities have stepped up. These include a flurry of art and crafts – a flowering of creativity on sale, with “something for everyone,” as they say.

I picked out just a few that might interest you if you are in the city this weekend.

Kingston Creative is back (it never really went away) – but now back to its regular Art Walk, with a vibrant programme of events downtown on Sunday, November 27. The emphasis is “live,” with performing arts as well as food, art and craft booths; and the opportunity to admire the murals on Water Lane and elsewhere, which…

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UK media reacts to student net migration impact

The inclusion of international students in net migration targets in the UK had been heavily criticised by sector stakeholders under Theresa May’s administration. Calls to exclude students from any net migration reduction targets extend back more than a decade.

Chief executive of UUK, Vivienne Stern, said that any cut to international student numbers “would run directly counter to the government’s strategy to rebuild the economy”, as research shows they make a net positive contribution of at least £26 billion per year to the UK.

“Limiting international students would be an act of economic self-harm that would damage many parts of the country the government aims to make more prosperous,” she said.

“We need a long-term, stable policy approach in international visas”

“We should be proud that UK universities are held in such high esteem around the world that we are one of the most popular places to study. Instead of doing down a great strength of the UK, government should support it. We need a long-term, stable policy approach in international visas, which is tough on abuse but supports long-term, managed growth.”

Source: UK media reacts to student net migration impact

Schubladendenken …Stereotyped thinking

Stella, oh, Stella

Foto: Matsunaga – Pixabay

Neulich erinnerte ich mich an eine Begebenheit aus meiner Jugend. Ich hatte eine Freundin, die schon studierte, als ich noch ins Gymnasium ging, denn sie hatte zweimal eine Klasse übersprungen, im Gymnasium, ungemein imponierend. Sie studierte Politikwissenschaften. Eines Abends waren wir in einer unserer Stammkneipen und trafen einen, wie ich fand, merkwürdigen Typen. Als er hörte, dass meine Freundin Politikwissenschaften studierte kam er gleich mit einem Vorurteil: Studiengang der reichen, verwöhnten Leute. Als meine Freundin ihm dann erzählte, dass sie aus einer Arbeiterfamilie stammte, fand er gleich eine neue Schublade: sie hatte sich hochgearbeitet vom Proletariat und studierte nunmehr Politik um zu beweisen, dass sie genau so gut war wie die reichen, verwöhnten Studenten.

Und so ging es weiter. Jedes Mal wenn sie etwas sagte, konterte er mit einer neuen Schublade. Ich fragte mich, ob er wohl wirklich so klischeehaft dachte oder sie nur provozieren wollte.

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Greta Thunberg Joins 630+ Young People in Climate Lawsuit Against Sweden

Greta Thunberg was among 636 young adults and children who submitted a class-action lawsuit against the Swedish government at a district court in Stockholm on Friday, arguing that the country’s right-wing leaders are failing to obey the Swedish constitution as they continue allowing planet-heating fossil fuel extraction.

About 2,000 people marched through Stockholm on Friday at the 223rd “school strike” against climate inaction — part of the global Fridays for Future movement Thunberg began in 2018 with a one-person protest outside Swedish Parliament.

Thunberg and her fellow plaintiffs symbolically delivered their lawsuit to the district court, following an earlier official filing by Aurora, the organization leading the suit.

Source: Greta Thunberg Joins 630+ Young People in Climate Lawsuit Against Sweden

Trump Hosts Kanye West, White Nationalist Nick Fuentes For Dinner | HuffPost Latest News (Me: No comment needed as Trump doubles down with known anti-semites)

Former President Donald Trump hosted a dinner at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday with white nationalist livestreamer Nick Fuentes and Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, according to reports.

Details surrounding the dinner itself are murky: Sources confirmed the meet-and-greet to Axios and Politico, which reported that Trump had invited Ye, who brought Fuentes as his guest.

Source: Trump Hosts Kanye West, White Nationalist Nick Fuentes For Dinner | HuffPost Latest News