Library Book Review: Snow Storm in August, By Jefferson Morley

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DCPL had several different editions of this book. It has excellent and extensive work documenting the circumstances surrounding the Snow Riots in DC. Read for my book: Stayed on Freedom’s Call.

StayedOnFreedomsCallGoodReads StayedOnFreedomsCallGoodReads


I have written a bit about this book earlier, ”Snow-storm in August about how Moreley, in his book,Snow-storm in August :Washington City, Francis Scott Key, and the forgotten race riot of 1835, edition of his book, not only puts together a sound context for the Snow Riots, but also draws together strands which began then, and still define, he claims, our politics today. I found most striking his juxtaposing of property rights and individual vs. community as well as freedom of speech, and whether free speech is applied best for owners (elites) vs. the people (the 99%).

Snow, the almost unrelated star of the event, was in the habit of placing very…

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