Legal Learning, GED/HiSET Lesson Plan Day 37/67, and Ancient Greek?

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

Adapting requires many different types of flexibility as with Day 37/67, Five Month GED, adaptations, and Adulting.
     Studying, or even mere exposure to, various languages helps people to become and to stay flexible both intellectually and even emotionally (in learning to see from other perspectives).
Adapting to a changing climate theme2-adaptation and world

are all crucial to the democratic process, as well.

Language exposure is known to increase adaptability, but why, then, have we abandoned the teaching of classic historical languages that explain the bases of western society, like Ancient Greek and Hebrew?  How can one adapt to changing situations without knowing how things got to be this way, and how can that be understood without some modicum of understanding of the originating ways of thinking that got us to this point?  A language, especially one which has been studied by those considered to be ‘cultured’ for many years…

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