The leadership question: some thoughts from Jamaica’s Integrity Commission

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When we are discussing a particularly intractable problem, and there seems to be no solution, no positive outcome – in fact, no outcome at all – we often scratch our heads and say: “Well, it’s a matter of leadership.” In other words, a lack of leadership. We cannot untangle the conundrum. We go round in circles. Something is missing.

On November 16, theIntegrity Commission of Jamaica, led by the indomitable Executive Director Greg Christie, issued a press release, outlining what it considers to be the essential components of a good leader. If Twitter does go belly-up, I will certainly miss Mr. Christie’s wise and focused daily tweets each morning from @Greg0706.

The Commission is also urging our political leaders to subscribe to an official Code of Conduct Leadership Commitment. The press release came out the day after the Government’s announcement that the Office of the Political Ombudsman

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