Parashat Chayei Sarah 5783, And Do How Parents Met Affect Their Kids’ Mental (or Physical) Health?

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This year, building on the previous two years’ notes about where to meet a wife, and what to do with the kids, we wonder if how parents meet up has anything to do with how kids grow up, and how that all affects the mental/emotional and physical health of the kids.  What are your thoughts, Empathetic Readers?

Last year, we asked how to protect children who have no one to properly care for them, let alone family?  hermanos

   The previous year, 5781, we wondered if the ‘water the camels test’ was a good way to find a wife:

Etz Hayim Etz Chaim

Empathy is a crucial point that seems to be lacking in this parashah, the 5th in the Torah.  A bit like the empathy that Cem and Ceren (of Sihirli Annem) are lacking in the image above, as Cem tells his little sister not to rat him…

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