Violência Contra a Mulher comigo!

Ontem, 18 de novembro, eu fui a (DEAM) -Delegacia da Mulher em Santarém para entregar o meu livro: MULHER Do ostracismo à luta pelos direitos nos dias atuais a delegada AndrezaAlves. Ela me recebeu de maneira muito educada, e aproveitamos a ocasião para registrar esse momento importante. Andreza é delegada titular da Delegacia Especializada no Antendimento à Mulher em Santarém; e ninguém melhor do que ela conhece essa realidade comprometedora que é a violência. Infelizmente, é necessário dizer que nenhuma de nós, estamos isentas ao problema.

A violência Contra a Mulher é um problema que atinge todas as camadas sociais. Isso inclue a mulher escolarizada, a advogada, a médica, juíza, a mulher que mora no campo. Na verdade, todas em algum momento da vida pode sofrer violência. Sabemos como os números desse problema cresce diariamente. O feminicidio é um exemplo do que estou falando. A violência doméstica é…

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The leadership question: some thoughts from Jamaica’s Integrity Commission

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When we are discussing a particularly intractable problem, and there seems to be no solution, no positive outcome – in fact, no outcome at all – we often scratch our heads and say: “Well, it’s a matter of leadership.” In other words, a lack of leadership. We cannot untangle the conundrum. We go round in circles. Something is missing.

On November 16, theIntegrity Commission of Jamaica, led by the indomitable Executive Director Greg Christie, issued a press release, outlining what it considers to be the essential components of a good leader. If Twitter does go belly-up, I will certainly miss Mr. Christie’s wise and focused daily tweets each morning from @Greg0706.

The Commission is also urging our political leaders to subscribe to an official Code of Conduct Leadership Commitment. The press release came out the day after the Government’s announcement that the Office of the Political Ombudsman

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Too little hype, several climate change initiatives passed in last week’s elections — Filosofa’s Word

Originally posted on musingsofanoldfart: In an article by Frida Garza of The Guardian called “Voters pass historic climate initiatives in ‘silent surprise’ of US midterms,” some very good news occurred while we weren’t paying too much attention. The full article can be linked to below, but here are a few paragraphs that summarize the story:…

Too little hype, several climate change initiatives passed in last week’s elections — Filosofa’s Word

Ancient word of the day: Athene Noctua or Athena’s Owl

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The Greek goddess Athena had as her sacred animal familiar the owl, also known as the Athene Noctua in Latin. The Romans, fond as they were of stealing from the Greek pantheon, renamed Athena to Minerva. Athena and her owl are considered to be symbols of wisdom, in both cultures.

Ancient word of the day: Athene Noctua or Athena's Owl
Silver tetradrachm coin at the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon depicting the owl of Athena (circa 480–420 BC). The inscription “ΑΘΕ” is an abbreviation of ΑΘΗΝΑΙΩΝ, which may be translated as “of the Athenians

Athene Noctua

Athena’s owl or Athene Noctua is most famously depicted on ancient Athenian coins dating from the fifth century BCE. To the Romans an owl feather placed near you when you were sleeping would prompt the slumberer to reveal their secrets while in the throes of REM.

In Rome, the owl came to be synonymous with death if it was seen hooting in the…

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Parashat Chayei Sarah 5783, And Do How Parents Met Affect Their Kids’ Mental (or Physical) Health?

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This year, building on the previous two years’ notes about where to meet a wife, and what to do with the kids, we wonder if how parents meet up has anything to do with how kids grow up, and how that all affects the mental/emotional and physical health of the kids.  What are your thoughts, Empathetic Readers?

Last year, we asked how to protect children who have no one to properly care for them, let alone family?  hermanos

   The previous year, 5781, we wondered if the ‘water the camels test’ was a good way to find a wife:

Etz Hayim Etz Chaim

Empathy is a crucial point that seems to be lacking in this parashah, the 5th in the Torah.  A bit like the empathy that Cem and Ceren (of Sihirli Annem) are lacking in the image above, as Cem tells his little sister not to rat him…

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Abenteuerliche Busreise nach Macchu Pichu — Senioren um die Welt

Machu Picchu, die sagenumwobene “Stadt in den Wolken” selbst zu sehen, war ein Traum von mir, seitdem ich als junges Mädchen einen Dokumentarfilm über die rätselhafe Inka-Stätte gesehen hatte. Die Reisemöglichkeiten waren für mich damals sehr beschränkt, da ich wenig Geld hatte. Vor vielen Jahren konnte ich mir jedoch diesen Traum erfüllen, auch wenn die […]

Abenteuerliche Busreise nach Macchu Pichu — Senioren um die Welt