The Tyranny Of Credulity


One of the peculiar faults of recent decades to which society has fallen prey to is credulity. It has been claimed that when people stop valuing education and curiosity, they believe in hearsay and the loudest voices. Credulity is at the heart of conformity and authoritarian political movements. Credulous minds staunchly believe in viewpoints that validate their own personal opinions even if such viewpoints run counter to their own personal interests.

Credulity is a step below naïveté because credulous belief requires an extreme ability and willingness to believe statements–especially when those statements are based upon minimal, uncertain, or even false evidence. The belief itself might or might not be false. Regardless of the accuracy of the belief, the credulous person believes it without discernment with objective, accurate evidence.

A popular example of credulity appears on social media, such as on Facebook. A meme or a post from a favorite commentator…

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