Politics and Public Health


It’s amazing the extent to which people can look at the same data and draw radically different conclusions. In a sense, I suppose, it’s the old story of a glass being half full or half empty, but it’s also playing Russian Roulette with your health.

China is heavily criticized for what is seen as an “extreme” approach to Covid and other infectious diseases, with lockdowns of large cities to prevent spread. To the extent that Americans are aware of what happens in other countries, and many aren’t, China is seen as an outlier. It’s not.

Triggered by the G20 meetings in Indonesia this week, Medscape has provided a summary of the approach to disease taken by each of the G20 countries.(1) My request is that you scan the summary, excerpts of which are below, and then think about what is best for yourself. Not what the media is saying, not…

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