The Free Manual For The Umbrella Project Is Here, Willing Hands Needed

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

     The Project Do Better manifesto is a manual for community organizers which proposes  a long term plan that they can modify for their own communities, and use to work together with other projects and communities to help build a unified movement for the Common Good.
     The book,  Project Do Better: Enough For All, in Four Phases, comes in various sizes of PDF, as an epub, and as a mobi file from the stores that would allow me to set the price to Free, meaning that Amazon and the library systems, which require a minimum price well above that, did not allow me to publish through them.  Note that I personally prefer the ePub, since most PDF readers on the phone are not capable of showing the thumbnails or bookmarks that bring up the left hand side Table of Contents in the published PDF, so…

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