Parashat VaYera 5783, And Standing Up For Others

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Last year, we wondered if Abraham’s bargaining on behalf of the cities of S’dom and ‘Amorah was really the same thing as standing up against a bully: VaYera, and advocating for others, wikibully  while the previous year, 5781, we saw the Sages argument about how helping and strengthening others also strengthens us: Sacred Study Saturdays, Parashat VaYera comment, and language learning for empathy building

Etz Hayim Etz Chaim

Empathy is the crucial point being made in this parashah, the 4th in the Torah.

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While there are many ways to help increasing empathy,  Language Learning as a Fourth Tool for Empathy Building is both fascinating and practical.

Empathy building is a crucial task, particularly in our contentious society today.  The task is tiring, and cannot be done all at once, but with careful planning, education, and greater cooperation between the generations, it can be done.

Let’s Do…

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