As International Seabed Authority meeting winds up, more countries seek a pause on deep sea mining

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The past week has been quite intense, with the critical and long-anticipated COP27 opening in Egypt and the equally crucial International Seabed Authority (ISA) Council Meeting in Kingston, Jamaica wrapping up.

It’s difficult to assimilate and sort out all the different threads, but there are some positives, at least regarding the latter meeting. Some brave and resolute activists were out on the Kingston waterfront with their banners and placards on Thursday, with the police moving them around and telling them what they could and couldn’t do. Greenpeace USA was among a number of non-governmental organisations attending the ISA meeting. Here is their concluding press release below. Earlier this week,I interviewed their campaigneron deep sea mining, Arlo Hemphill.

On all these matters that are so critical for our Planet and for humanity, let’s continue to keep fingers crossed… The fate of our “last great wilderness”is at stake. You…

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