Injections for diabetes, cancer could become unnecessary | News

Some drugs for these diseases dissolve in water, so transporting them through the intestines, which receive what we drink and eat, is not feasible. As a result, these drugs cannot be administered by mouth. However, UCR scientists have created a chemical “tag” that can be added to these drugs, allowing them to enter blood circulation via the intestines. Source: Injections for diabetes, cancer could become unnecessary | News

Brightening things up: some offerings from our Jamaican garden

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I thought my blog needed a little “refresher” – there has been too much “heavy stuff” lately. So, here’s a little brightness and colour this Saturday evening.

We have had rain, sun, more rain and more sun for the past few weeks. As a result, our already rather overgrown garden has gone into overdrive. Everything is growing like crazy. Our occasional gardener says he is overwhelmed with work, and can hardly cope. Here is a taste of the joyous explosion of Nature splashing around in our yard, as we slow down towards the end of the year.

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Data entry

The world and its inhabitants

Many people don’t know what data entry is. How can I get a data entry job? How can we do data entry from mobile? And how much is his job salary after entering data from mobile? So in today’s article we will discuss these points and some things that are very important for you to know for data entry, they will also tell you. Today most people have a mobile phone and 90% of them also have a smartphone and all people want to earn money online from their mobile phone.

Today in this article we will learn about the easiest way to earn money from mobile phone, in today’s article how do we do data entry from mobile? How to make money online from mobile? You will know about them in detail. So let’s know about how to do data entry

What is data entry?

Friends before doing any…

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Walden Writers Soul Journey #32

Words from Walden

This Writing journey is for anyone who wants to explore themselves and produce an intimate artistic expression from their soul. It is a no-cost journey, and it is my gift to you!

The google doc below (inside google docs, click “file ” and “make a copy” to have your own editable version).

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