Pollinis – Stella, oh, Stella (contamination of people by pesticides)

A total of 44 samples belonging to 30 MEPs and 14 journalists and scientists were screened. And the results are irrevocable. 9 out of 10 people are contaminated by at least one of the 27 pesticides detected. 86% of the samples analyzed show high concentrations of at least one pesticide. Other key information: the three most frequently detected pesticides are all banned in Europe for agricultural use! 4,4-DDE, for example, a metabolite of an insecticide banned from European territory since 1978 for its proven carcinogenic and neurotoxic effects, is found in two-thirds of the samples collected… Source: Pollinis – Stella, oh, Stella

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    1. I am convinced that many of the cancers and nerve attacking disorders in modern times are from pesticides, lead and plastics – in short… we have poisoned ourselves.

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    2. I agree. And they say that people live longer and longer, but that is not true anymore. The 70s and 80s generation will be the first that does not get older than their parents, because of all the pollution basically everywhere and last but not least fast food.

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