The Making of a Hero in 15 Seconds?

More Enigma Than Dogma

In this month to contemplate the place of violence in our times, I want to reflect on a story that broke in July of this year.

Blaze Media reported that 22-year-old armed citizen, Elisjsha Dicken, neutralized a potential mass killing at an Indiana mall by shooting the perpetrator within just 15 seconds of his first shots. Dicken was carrying his gun under Indiana’s new constitutional carry law that went into effect less than three weeks earlier; so was the first victim, Victor Gomez (what good did it do him to be carrying a gun?)… and so was the perpetrator:

“Surveillance footage shows the killer entered the mall shortly before 5 p.m. Sunday evening. He was armed with multiple firearms and spent approximately one hour in a bathroom before he opened fire at patrons in the Greenwood Park mall food court. Police said he exited the bathroom at 5:56:48 and was…

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