Kaushal Kishore

We keep moving ahead
changing lanes and bylanes
carrying the smell of their soil
that had its own culture and flavour
meeting new people on the way
and saying goodbye to them
at lopsided intervals…

While moving ahead
suddenly we start seeing
mounds and ridges
to find ourselves in a deserted lane,
with so many other dunes
forming, deforming and reforming
all the way
but flowing with good deal of stories,
some pleasant, some unpleasant
some real, some distorted
some ugly and some beautiful…

We gradually get acclimatised
with them to be one of them
to become one more story
moving from a lively world
to a lonely desert, 
where we all become small,
lose ourselves,
ending up in a mirage,
but where others come
to find some footprints so left,
a few flowers of beauty,
an oasis of love
amid those sand dunes,
they are not normally wrong…


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