A Very Quick Note on Election Day


Stumbling over an old Science News edition, July 30, 2021:

Because of the contentious issue of illegal abortions when the woman’s life is in danger, I thought I would share the following–one of several points made in this respected publication:

“Lawmakers in some states are considering abortion rules that apply to a fertilized egg.  That includes fertilized eggs that lodge in the wrong spot, the fallopian tube, for example. Called an ectopic pregnancy, it can lead to life-threatening medical emergencies when the growing tissue ruptures the tube and internal bleeding ensues.  “These are pregnancies that under no circumstances can become a healthy pregnancy,” Sandoval says.  “In fact, if they aren’t treated and continue to grow, they will kill the patient.  Laws that apply to a fertilized egg could ‘limit our ability to treat patients for ectopic pregnancies.”

Just thought you might be interested today.

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