Why Micromanaging Sucks BIG Time


It is not uncommon for management styles to change to accommodate the changing market. During the pandemic, managers and executives used the opportunity to revise their business strategy to keep up production and sales. Some have made a breakthrough in providing employees with a flexible work setup and extra benefits to help them adapt to the changes.

However, others took to micromanaging because they believed it would help them get things back under control and ensure that the company survives. But, several studies show that micromanagement does the opposite and can cause a business to collapse if it is not corrected immediately.

Here are 5 significant reasons why micromanaging your business sucks and why you shouldn’t do it:

1) It Affects Productivity

When a manager or an employer constantly watches their employees’ every action, it can cause employees to develop paranoia and disable them from working independently. Managers who micromanage…

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