Journal Entries


I voted, at the elections office in Athens, Ohio on Thursday.  Trying to keep my mind off the election now, but I’m flabber-d-gasted by the brazen mailbox watchers in Mesa, Arizona.  This is America?  How can they justify that in their mind’s eye?  –Like the Nazi workers at the gas chambers?  SO, trying to turn my attention to other things, I’ve been leafing through an old journal.  I apologize if I repeat something earlier published–my  memory for recent and technical things is on vacation.  [Looooong vacation I fear.]


My Unconscious Doesn’t  Know I’m Old –  In recent dream episodes I’m going for a degree at Columbia University, maybe to accomplish what I fell short of in school.  My dorm room has several beds full of jolly students.  A QUESTION: Why is it when we’ve gotten a better hold on life it slips away?  We learn and the learning…

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