Parashat Lech Lecha 5783, And Why We Must Vote

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This parashah, as I noted in 5781 ( Sacred Study Saturdays and Hallowe’en as a former slave might have seen it ), has a way of looking at slavery that can inform our need for cultural change today, in the United States.    Here in the US, generations of us have been cut off from our roots, pulled into a system that taught us to hate ourselves, and to compete for the favor of those who control us.  This generational trauma that began with The Middle Passage continued into the Jim Crow era, as segregation based on the One Drop Rule perpetuated a system that created recurring community and family level trauma.  This rootlessness left, as we commented last year, lasting marks on both descendants of American slaves, and on American society as a whole.  Only by continuing to use the right that we have so long struggled for, and…

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