Caribbean Climate Justice Alliance Statement on COP27: Bold, urgent, accelerated action needed

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The Caribbean Climate Justice Alliancehas released a Statementahead of the UN Climate Conference (COP27), which will take place from November 6 – 18, 2022 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Right now, technocrats are busy getting their documents in order; emission-unfriendly planes and private jets are being boarded; and political leaders are polishing up their grand speeches – updated from COP26. Civil society organisations are girding their loins for another battle, and reporters, citizen journalists and academics are seeking to make their voices heard amidst the din.

James Ellsmoor’s Island Innovation – a social enterprise and digital media company building digital bridges between island communities around the world – will be among many others setting upa Pavilion at COP27. You canregisterand follow their events and happenings online.

On top of all that, new, rather dire reports released recently heighten the sense of urgency. The United Nations…

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Inoreader – Computing Pioneer Who Invented the First Assembly Language Dies at Age 100

Kathleen Booth, who has died aged 100, co-designed of one of the world’s first operational computers and wrote two of the earliest books on computer design and programming,” the Telegraph wrote this week. “She was also credited with the invention of the first assembly language, a programming language designed to be readable by users.” In 1946 she joined a team of mathematicians under Andrew Booth at Birkbeck College undertaking calculations for the scientists working on the X-ray crystallography images which contributed to the discovery of the double helix shape of DNA…. To help the number-crunching involved Booth had embarked on building a computing machine called the Automatic Relay Calculator or ARC, and in 1947 Kathleen accompanied him on a six-month visit to Princeton University, where they consulted John von Neumann, who had developed the idea of storing programs in a computer. On their return to England they co-wrote General Considerations in the Design of an All Purpose Electronic Digital Computer, and went on to make modifications to the original ARC to incorporate the lessons learnt. Kathleen devised the ARC assembly language for the computer and designed the assembler.Source: Inoreader – Computing Pioneer Who Invented the First Assembly Language Dies at Age 100

Pablo Neruda comigo!

Antes de mim

Não tenho ciúmes.

Vem com um homem

às tuas costas,

vem com cem homens entre os teus cabelos,

vem com mil homens entre teu peito e teus pés,

vem como um rio

cheio de afogados

que encontra o mar furioso,

a espuma eterna, o tempo!

Traz todos eles

para onde eu te espero:

sempre estaremos sós,

sempre seremos tu e eu

sozinhos sobre a terra

para começar a vida!

Pablo Neruda. Sempre

Marii Freire comigo!

Imagem: pinterest/ Adriana Martinho

Santarém, Pá 29 de outubro de 2022

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Os Miliners, Paul Signac


Os Miliners é uma pintura de Paul Signac. O artista faz parte do movimento artístico pós-impressionista, e junto com Georges Seurat, foi o responsável pela criação de duas uma novas técnicas chamada de pontilhismo e divisionismo. Também, em conjunto com Seurat, formou a Sociedade de Artistas Independentes.

O pintor começou com pinturas no estilo impressionista até conhecer Georges Seurat e se impressionar com uma nova forma de fazer arte. Seurat fez muito sucesso com sua obra Uma tarde de domingo na ilha de La Grande Jatte estreou suas pinturas neoimpressionistas com obras como Os Miliners:

Os Miliners, Paul Signac. (Imagem: Google)

Os Miliners é uma obra com características neoimpressionista pontilhista. Paul Signac utilizou a técnica do pontilhismo pra compor a pintura. Essa é uma das pinturas que o artista faz sobre trabalhadores, outra tela sobre esse mesmo tema foi o The Demolisher. Mas em Os Miliners, Signac…

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Dems, Don’t Believe the Pollsters! Voters Get That This Is a Choice Election

Gronda Morin

Dems, every vote counts more than ever. Most of the elections in swing states are toss up races. GOP MAGAs political operatives would love for voters to buy the punditry hype that GOP MAGA candidates are slated to win these states’ elections to depress voter turnout.

But with a record number of Americans taking time to mail in their ballots and to stand in line in states with early voting days, the political pollsters cannot possibly make accurate predictions.

See: Early voting turnout breaking records two weeks before ……

Dems, this upcoming November 2022 elections is a “choice” election versus a referendum on the performance of the Democratic Party US president, POTUS Biden.’ Dems get the reality that Americans are suffering financial pain because of worldwide inflation and higher gas prices, post the COVID pandemic shutdown days and post Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, limiting oil supplies. Dems have been…

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Uh OH….Shall We Pray For Their Souls?


A headline from Daily Kos:

Lindsey Graham rides into Georgia with a closing message: ‘I want every liberal to be miserable’


And I thought “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself” was one of the commandments.  Wish it were…

Now that we can look at them, let’s see how MAGA scores….

  1. I thought Herschel and Don Sr. thought they were God
  2. What was that about Mount Rushmore?
  3. I won’t take the time to look up Fact Check
  4. Whoops!
  5. I draw a blank here
  6. Not even on Fifth Avenue?
  7. Ho ho ho ho hee hee hee…
  8. Whoo!  National secrets, anyone?
  9. Does false witness reFer to lying? Oh Dear…
  10. … Not even power, money and fame?

Excuse me for making fun of such a deadly situation.

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