I question the rationale for the writing of and printing of this week’s NY Times Magazine article,

Beyond Catastrophe

A New Climate Reality Is Coming Into

View by David Wallace-Wells

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The effect of the article, days before the election and with new troublesome issues being brought to light every week, let’s face it: what do you think the impact is?  If the author and magazine editor really thought there was a real danger in climate change, would/could they have written/published such an article?  And at this time?

I am tired and will not review all the news about continuing or escalating environmental  practices by the giant corporations.  There appears to be some widespread but meager meaningful initial response to the problem, but certainly not sufficient to warrant or justify such a reassuring widespread article. No Catastrophe in sight? I pray its publication does not reflect  any…

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Allow Natalia Lafourcade to Reintroduce Herself – The New York Times

Over a balky wireless connection that seemed to symbolize how fleeting human contact has become, Natalia Lafourcade smiled as she showed off her garden in Xalapa, the capital of the Mexican state of Veracruz. She had emerged from the recording studio she built there, rattling off the trees that surround her home — guayabo, higuera, mulato — as she explained the genesis of her new album, “De Todas las Flores” (“Of All the Flowers”), which bloomed in the aftermath of a romantic split. “Breakups can be so deep, at the cellular level, that you have to reconstruct your life and reconnect with yourself,” Lafourcade said as she strolled the grounds in a simple black turtleneck. “It’s difficult work, forgiving yourself, forgiving the other person,” she added. “So I went to walk in the mountains, and returned to my garden, a metaphor for a field of emotions and possibilities that had to be explored.”

We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook Cleared for Landing!

From Behind the Pen

Image Credit: Kym Gordon Moore

“Ladies and gentlemen this is your Captain speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts, and put your trays in an upright position, as we have been cleared for landing. Cabin crew, please take your seats for the final approach.”

My adrenaline is rising and anticipation has started my engines to soar to the highest RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) it can go! The final countdown is here and this baby is in its final phase through the birth canal, and I’m pushin’!!! 🤭

Image Source: Kym Gordon Moore

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Rebooting Humanity: Six likely scenarios

Darcy Hitchcock

“If you don’t know where you are going,
any road will get you there.”

Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

No one can know the future. We can choose a path that will hopefully take us toward a better society or we can slide toward collapse. How are we likely to respond to these increasing pressures for change? Which paths lead to the best results for all? What might that transition look like? Fortunately, the Tellus Institute, Stockholm Environment Institute, and Global Scenario Group worked together to develop these six instructive scenarios.

Six likely scenarios

The Great Transition Initiative has laid out six likely scenarios of how our society might evolve.

Please watch the short 6 min. video that explains the scenarios.

The scenarios are distinguished by distinct responses to the social and environmental challenges. Market Forces relies on the self-correcting logic of competitive markets. Policy Reform depends on government action…

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Mi diente

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

Estaba completo. Me acompañó, entero, desde la infancia. Conoció, también, mi adolescencia y mi juventud. Estuvo conmigo durante mis años de madurez. Creí, por lo mismo, que algún día llegaríamos juntos al otoño y al invierno de mi existencia, al período de ancianidad, a la noche de mi travesía mundana; sin embargo, al salir de una reunión en el Centro de Convenciones de la urbe donde vivo, unas personas imprudentes atravesaron de improviso y, en mi intento de esquivarlas para no golpearlas, perdí el equilibrio y caí. Mi diente superior derecho sufrió una fractura y mis labios resultaron heridos. Rápido, la sangre cubrió mi boca. Me incorporé. Mi diente estaba roto. Le faltaba un trozo. Aunque sé que soy alma, esencia, y que el cuerpo es una morada temporal, ya no llegaré completo al minuto postrero de mi existencia…

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