Rumors vs. reality: 6 facts about voting by mail for folks worried about election integrity

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Contrary to opinions of naysayers who believe that our elections are overly fraught with voter fraud leading to the defeat of candidates who would obviously win if shenanigans did not prevail, voting by mail has proven to be a reliable method for conducting elections that are fair and accurate. Read the linked article for more information on this topic.

Those who deny election integrity based only on their belief (regardless of how strongly felt) that an election resulting in victory for any person(s) other than their stated preference is proof of voter or election fraud are in fact really just denouncing elections as a means of choosing political leaders. Donald Trump and the vast majority of those denying the validity of the 2020 election despite no proof of their allegations and plenty of evident to the contrary are seeking to replace our democracy with a neofascist regime led by Trump…

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Tal es la vida

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Tal es la vida. Viajamos en un tren y con frecuencia permanecemos tan inmersos en los asuntos y problemas que se registran en los furgones, que perdemos la capacidad de abrir las ventanillas, sentir el aire fresco y admirar el paisaje que pasamos y que tan rápido queda atrás. Y así transcurren los instantes y los años de nuestras existencias, en un paseo que un día concluye en alguna de las estaciones. Tal es la vida, insisto. Vemos pasar los escenarios vertiginosamente. Olvidamos contemplar y disfrutar los detalles, los crepúsculos, los amaneceres y los anocheceres, las gotas de lluvia, los copos de nieve, la brillantez del sol, el encanto de la campiña serpenteada por ríos diáfanos y alfombrada de flores policromadas y fragantes, el prodigio de los luceros y la belleza de los árboles que proyectan sus sombras jaspeadas…

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MULHER Do ostracismo à luta pelos direitos nos dias atuais comigo!

” A mulher pós- moderna é uma mulher que aprendeu falar, mas falar melhor. Ela “sabe expressar a sua opinião “, e denunciar aquilo que vai de encontro às suas regras pessoais. Então, pode se dizer que ela é uma mulher empoderada.

Marii Freire. Mulher Empoderada

Marii Freire Pereira, MULHER Do ostracismo à luta pelos direitos nos dias atuais. 1ª Ed. Maringá: Viseu, 2022 comigo!

Imagem ( crédito: Marii Freire)

Santarém, Pá 24 de outubro de 2022

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Indoor Farming Startup Sued for Misleading Regulators, Investors | Food Manufacturing (Me: GOP Senate candidate Vance in Ohio promoted company)

The company grows tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables by sustainable agriculture methods on some of the world’s largest high-tech indoor farms, its website says. It has described its mission in SEC filings as empowering Appalachians, driving positive environmental change in the agriculture industry and improving the lives of its employees and the community.

“The last few months have taught us that our food system is a little more precarious than we realized,” Vance said in an August 2020 article in Greenhouse Grower. “AppHarvest will change that, and it will do so by building a sustainable, durable business in Appalachia, and investing in the people who call it home.”

The lawsuits, which allege misstatements going back to January 2021, contend the training AppHarvest provided to workers was “a joke,” that its workforce “suffered massive attrition, churn and COVID-19-related absences that negatively affected productivity” and that its first harvest last year was “ravaged by operational issues” and 50% was wasted. The litigation variously seeks undetermined monetary damages, governance reform and greater transparency at AppHarvest and, in two cases, jury trials.

Source: Indoor Farming Startup Sued for Misleading Regulators, Investors | Food Manufacturing

New vaccine roadmap eyes future threats of coronaviruses | CIDRAP

“The current vaccines we have for COVID-19 have played a critical role in reducing morbidity and mortality, but they are not the vaccines that will sustain us in the future with coronavirus infections,” he said.

Osterholm was clear that the roadmap is not meant to confuse readers or dissuade them from getting vaccinated and boosted with current options.

“The current vaccines should be used,” Osterholm said. “But we need to look at vaccines that address more robust immunity, with a broad breadth of protection.”

Though the mRNA vaccines were developed quickly, recent studies have shown that primary series and booster doses do not offer lasting protection beyond 3 to 5 months. Moreover, frequent boosters of the mRNA vaccines has made uptake and public opinion of the vaccines falter.

Osterholm said he compares the current crop of vaccines to the first mobile phones.

“We would not think those phones are satisfactory today,” he explained.

Next threat not if but when

According to the roadmap, animal-to-human spillover events are likely to keep happening with coronaviruses. Both SARS-CoV-1 and MERS-CoV likely originated in bats, the authors of the roadmap write in a commentary in Vaccine, and then later adapted to palm civets (SARS-CoV-1) and dromedary camels (MERS-CoV).

SARS-CoV-2 also likely originated in bats, although the exact origin has yet to be determined. Regardless, researchers have identified more than 500 coronaviruses in bats, which remain the main reservoir for the viruses.

“We can expect that pathogenic coronaviruses will continue to emerge from the bat reservoir or some intermediate animal host in the future,” the authors write.

“We learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that coronaviruses readily cross species, and we also learned that there is a large number of coronavirus in bats,” said Stanley Perlman, MD, PhD, a professor of microbiology and immunology, and pediatrics at the University of Iowa. Perlman was also on the Steering Group for the roadmap. ”Developing a universal vaccine efficacious against all coronaviruses—or even just the subgroup that contains SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2—would allow vaccination to begin as soon as transmission across species occurred, or potentially even as part of ongoing vaccination strategies.”

A universal coronavirus vaccine requires research and development endeavors that look at a number of platforms and routes of delivery, Lackritz said.

“Currently we focus on protecting against severe disease and death,” she said. “Maybe we get to the point where we can block transmission.”

Source: New vaccine roadmap eyes future threats of coronaviruses | CIDRAP

Dorothea Lange’s Photos of Japanese Americans’ Imprisonment During WWII

Lange Japanese Internment

In 1942, the US government hired Dorothea Lange (of Migrant Mother fame) to take photos of the removal and imprisonment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Although Lange quit after a few months because government censors wouldn’t let her shoot images of barbed wire and the bayonets on guards’ guns, she took hundreds of photos documenting this shameful moment in American history.

Source: Dorothea Lange’s Photos of Japanese Americans’ Imprisonment During WWII

La soare te poți uita

ore de drum

Bangkok, 2017

În capitala Thailandei, Palatul Regal este un obiectiv ușor de reperat și de accesat.

Am ales vaporașul, cursa pentru localnici, cale de vreo cincisprezece stații.

Fiindcă în templul din incinta palatului se află inestimabilul Buddha de smarald, tot complexul constituie un spațiu sacru,

destinația supremă de pelerinaj a lumii buddhiste.

Palatul se vizitează doar parțial, deși nu mai servește funcțiilor regale încă din 1925.

Regele s-a instalat aici de îndată ce s-a isprăvit construcția, în 1782, pe locul unde se aflase înainte vechiul cartier chinezesc, care a fost mutat în sectorul unde se afla și astăzi.

În perioada monarhiei absolute, între 1782 și 1932, palatul a fost centru administrativ și religios, fapt care explică prezența templului în incintă.

După 1932, când monarhia absolutistă s-a transformat în monarhie constituțională, birourile administrative s-au dispersat în cele patru zări urbane.

Credincioșii au acces tot timpul la valoroasa figurină de jad. Palatul…

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