Turkish Tuesday: Sihirli Annem (s1e2) & Lack of Empathy Spreads Pain

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

… and one is not allowed to stand idly by while another is made to suffer, Eda, even if it is your mother causing the suffering…  (don’t worry, Dear Readers/Viewers,  Eda Fairy grows up and learns that different can be even better, eventually…)

  This week we continue with, and finish bölüm/episode 2.
Poor Avni is still watching Betüş do magic, and still unable to convince his impatient and unempathetic wife Suzan to take him seriously, even for just one moment:
When are you going to believe that you need to get help from a psychiatrist, Avni?
     And Dudu Fairy, Betüş’s mother, is more determined than ever to separate Betüş from Sadık,  her mortal husband, this time, by changing her temperament to a more adolescent impatience and lack of empathy:
-Wow, I’m fascinated Mom
I can’t believe Betüş will…

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