Comforting Thought: A cat represents our shared humanity during the worst of times

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A cat represents our shared humanity during the worst of times

Readers of this blog will remember I reviewed the biographical book about the doomed Karluk and her crew in the enthralling book ‘The Ice Master’ by Jennifer Niven. That book briefly mentions but doesn’t highlight the plight of the plucky feline on board named Nigeraurak.

The spectacular history book of cats A Cat’s Tale goes into much more detail about Nigeraurak’s life.

Book Review: A Cat's Tale: A Journey Through Feline History by Baba the Cat

Nigeraurak was a tuxedo cat who served on board the Canadian arctic exploration vessel HMCS Karluk. In 1913 the Karluk became ice-bound during an exploration of the North Pole.

Stranded at the top of the world in a life or death situation, the crew would face the challenges – exposure, fierce cold, illness, dwindling supplies and predation by polar bears.

Faced with the the prospect of a long and perilous journey towards the nearest settlement, they…

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‘A clear anti-Putin trend’ As the Russian mobilization devolves into chaos, people are, quite rationally, blaming the president — Meduza

Kremlin insiders explain this sudden sea change as a result of the “frustration” that, the government sensed, was building among Moscow’s urban population. When police and draft officers began to “ambush” men near subway stations earlier this month, the public responded negatively:

Everyone literally hid. People are afraid and uncertain about their future. Many have left. The level of fear and disapproval is rising all the time. Moscow has turned into a completely different city. These subway raids were a complete circus, it had to be stopped.

Source: ‘A clear anti-Putin trend’ As the Russian mobilization devolves into chaos, people are, quite rationally, blaming the president — Meduza

Beef is still coming from protected areas in the Amazon, study shows

  • According to a new study, 1.1 million cattle were bought directly from protected areas and another 2.2 million spent at least a portion of their lives grazing in protected areas and Indigenous territories.
  • Researchers compiled public records on cattle transit, property boundaries and protected area boundaries between 2013 and 2018. The study period ended in 2018 because, “at the start of 2019, this critical information became less available,” the lead author said.
  • Under Brazil’s current President Jair Bolsonaro, who was elected at the start of 2019, the country has seen policies weakening various environmental protections and monitoring agencies, and deforestation has reached its highest levels in 15 years.
  • Around 70% of deforestation in the Amazon has been linked to cattle ranching. Meat producers have made commitments to stop sourcing from illegally deforested lands, but a lack of information about where cattle are grazing has allowed many companies to escape accountability.

Source: Beef is still coming from protected areas in the Amazon, study shows

Turkish Tuesday: Sihirli Annem (s1e2) & Lack of Empathy Spreads Pain

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

… and one is not allowed to stand idly by while another is made to suffer, Eda, even if it is your mother causing the suffering…  (don’t worry, Dear Readers/Viewers,  Eda Fairy grows up and learns that different can be even better, eventually…)

  This week we continue with, and finish bölüm/episode 2.
Poor Avni is still watching Betüş do magic, and still unable to convince his impatient and unempathetic wife Suzan to take him seriously, even for just one moment:
When are you going to believe that you need to get help from a psychiatrist, Avni?
     And Dudu Fairy, Betüş’s mother, is more determined than ever to separate Betüş from Sadık,  her mortal husband, this time, by changing her temperament to a more adolescent impatience and lack of empathy:
-Wow, I’m fascinated Mom
I can’t believe Betüş will…

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As coisas mais importantes da vida comigo!

As coisas mais importantes da sua vida, acontecem quando não há plateia. Em geral, todo ganho do ser humano pode ser contabilizado longe do alcance dos olhos curiosos. É no silêncio e no encontro de você e os seus sonhos, desejos…que tudo se concretizar.

Marii Freire. As coisaa mais importantes da vida comigo!

Imagem ( crédito: Marii Freire)

Santarém, Pá 18 de outubro de 2022

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Marii Freire comigo!

As mulheres sempre foram inferiorizadas em relação ao homens. Um exemplo claro dessa maneira de pensar vem do próprio Rousseau ao defender uma educação com qualidade inferiorizada as mulheres. Ele, assim como, os homens de sua época contribuíram para aquela ideia de que a mulher só devia cuidar da casa, filhos e marido.
A educação é um dos instrumentos de emancipação feminina. Por que se percebe por exemplo que, muitas mulheres avançaram no seu modo de pensar, ser e se comportar? Algumas evoluíram principalmente, na forma de pensar e atuar, outras não. Você já avaliou esse fator? Nem todas aprendem na mesma proporção. Claro, culturalmente estamos evoluindo. O comportamento feminino vem mudando bastante nas últimas décadas, mas ainda vemos mulheres com uma certa limitação em acompanhar as outras na sua maneira de pensar. O comportamento, assim como os costumes de uma sociedade, é algo que leva tempo para mudar. Então…

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