A Feral Commons: An exciting new arts project will highlight the busy hidden life of our city Kingston

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I have long believed that the arts and culture have a powerful role to play in explaining and expressing the depths, and the breadth of our ongoing climate crisis. Now, Andrea Dempster Chung of Kingston Creative dropped me a line to tell me about a really exciting project in which downtown Kingston is involved – as well as three other cities globally (Dubai, Athens, and Johannesburg). I am thrilled!

By the way, I should probably tell Andrea, as she mentions urban wastelands below, that for the Jamaican birdwatching crew, forgotten areas such as sewage ponds and dumps are rich sites, full of life (including crocodiles, and more…) Hawks are hunting from our city’s high rise buildings. The Feral Commons, indeed.

Now, do cities belong to humans only, or do they have their own hidden life? What can we learn about the impacts of climate change and our relationships with Nature…

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How we are destroying the ecosystem and preponing our ends.


While I was reading ecology I was mesmerized by various exotic facts. In my previous article on ecology titled “Want to know a bit about the magnificent ecology, we blindly destroys?” I tried to few things about our ecology and ecosystem briefly and with continuing further the stress I would like to highlight some facts related to our ecology. And what we are doing.

In our approach to money, greed, and power we become so ruthless that we don’t blink an eye before poaching an animal. Well, it is one fact that if we don’t kill and eat certain species they will be a superfluity to the habitat. Of course, that’s how checks and balances in ecology work in one of its many ways.

For example- People eat chicken, meat, etc. and if they won’t eat these animals then that isn’t certainly stopping them from producing further of their progeny thus…

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