B.C. news: Technique to restore kelp forests | CTV News

Coleman said the consequences of losing kelp forests include shoreline erosion, a decline of water quality and the decrease of the wild salmon population, since the fish rely on kelp forests for survival.

As scientists, Bisgrove said witnessing what’s going on in the world creates an urgency to save as many kelp species as possible by gathering their seeds while they’re still alive.

“We have the technique,” said Bisgrove. “What we need to do now is start collecting the populations that are still there before they disappear.”

Bisgrove’s team also sees the biobank as part of the solution to restore the forests.

“Once we established our collection of different species, we’d be able to supply material to farmers, and community-based groups and other parties that are interested in restoring kelp,” said Bisgrove, adding that scientists can also use these resources for research.

Although the team has the cryopreservation technique ready, it is also looking for funding to secure a facility for the biobank.

Bisgrove said they are currently storing samples in the university’s lab.

Source: B.C. news: Technique to restore kelp forests | CTV News

Dr. Oz Conducted Experiments That Killed 329 Dogs and 31 Pigs: Report

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the GOP’s Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, has for nearly two decades been dogged by rumors of past animal abuse. The New Jersey celebrity doctor was once a principal investigator at a Columbia University lab—and, Jezebel reported Monday, conducted research that led to the deaths of 329 dogs. The outlet surveyed 75 of Oz’s studies published between 1989 and 2010, also finding that 31 pigs were killed in two other experiments, while 661 rabbits and rodents were killed in 38 more studies. In May 2004, while Oz was a professor at Columbia’s medical school, the university paid a $2,000 federal fine for alleged violations of the Animal Welfare Act tied to his research. (Earlier this year, The Daily Beast reported that Columbia quietly cut public ties with Oz.) It was not immediately clear how many animals Oz interacted with or may have directly mistreated. But, as whistleblower and veterinarian Catherine Dell’Orto told a Philadelphia outlet last month, “When your name is on the experiment, and the way the experiment is designed inflicts such cruelty to these animals, by design, there’s a problem. Source: Dr. Oz Conducted Experiments That Killed 329 Dogs and 31 Pigs: Report

Bombers, Tree Cutters and Biden


The education center after the attack.The education center after the attack.  Photo Credit…Ebrahim Noroozi/Associated Press

Kabul, Afghanistan — Murder to punish school girls for getting an education?  I can’t imagine it.  Whatever is in the heart of a suicide bomber? Will his god actually reward him for killing school girls?

A suicide attack on Friday at an educational center in Kabul killed at least 19 people, mostly young female students, and wounded at least 27 people.  At least one attacker shot his way into the center and detonated explosives in the latest string of attacks on schools.  For some girls, the move to close schools and the recent string of attacks on education centers have emboldened them to continue their studies however they can — whether applying for visas to study abroad, forming informal study groups among their peers, or taking courses at education centers like Kaaj.  Arezu Hassani, 14, was about to begin ninth grade…

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After vaccines became available, a partisan gap in deaths emerged – The Washington Post

“Registered Republicans in Florida and Ohio had higher excess death rates than registered Democrats, driven by a large mortality gap in the period after all adults were eligible for vaccines,” the researchers write. “These results adjust for county-by-age differences in excess deaths during the pandemic, suggesting that there were within-age-by-county differences in excess death associated with political party affiliation.”

You can see that on charts included in the report. Democrats and Republicans in Ohio and Florida died at higher rates than would have been expected based on 2018 patterns. But Republicans were much more likely to do so, particularly after the second dark, vertical line on the graph — the point at which all adults became eligible for vaccines.

Source: After vaccines became available, a partisan gap in deaths emerged – The Washington Post

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