Crying and Frightened Mother Earth


Along with political lies and stone-deafness to her tears. our Mother Earth has become frantic.  We speak of the oceans being our mother, but they’re our step-mother.  Nature, personified by the Mother Earth metaphor, is our real mother.  She’s so sad and frightened  (like the fecund women in abortion-prohibited states) that she doesn’t know what to do (like the old woman who lived in a shoe with so many children…).

Her first responders are brave, but so far unable to rouse the Emergency Rescue Squads needed to keep her alive. (The head of the World Bank,  recently asked whether the burning of oil, gas and coal was driving climate change, refused to answer.)

Current heartaches:  At this very minute, extremely destructive hurricane Ian is roaring north across the United States.  “Hurricane Ian is going to be a storm that we talk about for decades,” administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency…

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