Coyote by Dawn Pisturino

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

image from Unsplash – provided by the author


by Dawn Pisturino

I see you there, hiding in the brush,

Your tawny colors perfectly blending with nature’s camouflage.

How silently you positioned yourself

To watch me dishing up the food that you take for granted.

I hear you say: “Oh, silly human, I’ve fooled you into thinking

That I need your help to survive — after all, I am called the Trickster —

When really, you need me to satisfy some hunger inside yourself.”

And, that may be true, but I say to you: “Look at yourself, Coyote,

And how healthy you are because of that food. Who’s fooling who?

Last summer, you were nothing but skin and bones.

Your fur looked rough and discolored,

Your belly sunken, your ribs barely covered by thin skin.

You know a good thing when you see it, so let’s continue to…

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