Russian border guards reportedly checking men against conscription lists and denying exit to some — Meduza

According to The Bell’s sources, border agents have begun checking the list for the names of men seeking to leave the country and, in some cases, refusing to let people cross the border. A source from one of Moscow’s airports told the outlet that in the previous 24 hours (the news was published Monday afternoon, Moscow time), 20 men had been denied exit from the country at that facility alone. Two sources told The Bell that the travel restrictions apply to air crew members as well, and that multiple pilots and flight attendants have been forced to stay in the country. Source: Russian border guards reportedly checking men against conscription lists and denying exit to some — Meduza

Heed The Warnings

Filosofa's Word

Well, friends, I’ve managed to get another ‘temporary ban’ from Twitter today!  Why, you ask?  Because in response to an idiotic tweet by Matt Gaetz praising the conspiracy theorist Kari Lake, I replied …

“The best thing that could happen would be for Kari Lake to go jump in a lake … and stay there. And then, if you could join her, and take Margie Greene and Lauren Boebert with you … that would be a great start!”

Twitter claimed I was “encouraging suicide”, so I’ve been banned for 12 hours.  Oh well … I’m not exactly shedding tears or losing sleep over it.  Actually, I’m rather glad someone actually noticed what I said for a change!

On to bigger and better things.  Our friend TokyoSand over at Political Charge has a post this morning that I hope you’ll take a minute to read … she begins …

In this…

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The Bomb and the 509th

Pacific Paratrooper

Pres. Truman

In a 1958 interview, Truman was asked about the soul-searching decision he went through to decide on dropping the bomb. He replied, “Hell no, I made it like _ (snapped his fingers) _ that!” One year later at Columbia University, he said, “The atom bomb was no great decision.” He likened it to a larger gun.

The components for the 20-kiloton weapon were being shipped to Tinian Island, in the Marianas, aboard the USS Indianapolis.   The top-secret package arrived at its destination a mere 24 hours after the official operational order for the bomb was sent to General Carl (“Tooey”) Spaatz.

Prince Konoye

Prince Konoye, after laboring two years for a route to peace, swallowed poison and died the day before he was to turn himself in as a war criminal.

Sadly, four days later, the Indianapolis was hit by three torpedoes and sunk within twelve minutes…

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Monday Notes: Resisting Social Norms

K E Garland

The other day, I went for my biannual haircut. The difference is I’ve been growing my gray hair out since 2021. It’s blossomed a lot faster than I’d anticipated, adding about four inches of snowy white strands on either side of my head, and a salt-and-pepper effect from my crown to the nape of my neck. 

“I saw your pictures on Instagram,” my stylist said. “And I was like, ‘oh, she must done decided to let it all go.’”

I laughed and assured her that was exactly what I’d decided.

“It’s been harder than I thought,” I told her. “One time my husband looked over and asked, ‘are you just gonna have a big gray afro?’ But you know…I haven’t decided what I’m gonna do with it just yet.” Then, I confided, “I almost re-dyed it.”

“Hmmmph,” she replied.

Usually, my stylist finishes my cut and dramatically swirls me around…

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Encourage me–Anima me

Coisas da SIL

Paro tudo que faço agora
É me pego a lembrar
De tudo que deixei de sonhar
De amar
De almejar.

Um dia uma rosa brotou em mim
E agora me faz pensar
Que já está na hora de exalar

Pode ser que isso já demore
Mas que mesmo assim eu comemore
Não me afrouxe
Sigo sorridente
E contente…

Novos dias lindos
Novos valores
Novos sonhos
Novas conquistas…
Novas idas…

O caminho já não deve ser mais o mesmo
Só eu que não percebia…
Que bom …que alegria …ter você comigo também…
By: Coisas da SiL
E isso me anima…me faz prosseguir…
By: Coisas da SiL

Encourage me–

I stop everything I do now is get myself to remember everything I stopped dreaming of loving to a long time.

One day a rose sprouted on me and now makes me think it’s time to exhale

it can be that it’s…

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Miséria Social comigo!

” Não podemos negar a miséria social, nem nos esquivar em relação as nossas responsabilidades quanto ao problema. Precisamos sim, atuar de forma decisiva para tentar atenuar os efeitos de tantos casos de abusos e violência que tanta gente sofre em nosso país.”

Marii Freire. Miséria Social comigo!

Santarém, Pá 26 de setembro de 2022

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Buoy makes fresh water, powered by waves

Darcy Hitchcock

Coastal communities may consider desalination as a way to meet their water needs, but it’s expensive and energy intensive. The Oneka “Snowflake” is a interesting alternative.

The buoy can be anchored in 35 foot water up to two miles offshore. Waves (3-10 feet) power it. The current model can produce 10,000 liters of drinking water a week.

Because they can be quickly deployed, they could be used in disasters like the 2010 earthquake in Haiti where 800,000 people were infected with cholera, and 9000 died from it.

Oneka is working on a larger model called Iceberg that could serve small communities. Like any desalination system, it produces brine, a saltier solution than seawater, so it would be important to consider impacts on the surrounding environment.

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Apple Dumpling Dreams


What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? Bright Ideas: Apple Dumpling Dreams! There’s something special about an apple dumpling, don’t you think? Perhaps it reminds you of the changing seasons. Perhaps it conjures up childhood memories. Perhaps the earthy spices and syrupy sweetness crank up your comfort level. No matter the hypnotic effect, apple dumpling dreams can reflect the way we look at our lives. Do we deny sweets or do we nourish our bodies? “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It’s all about perspective, moderation, and control. Thank goodness we have freedom of choice. When it comes to apple dumplings, especially now, dreams really do come true.



4 Granny Smith apples, peeled and cored

1 package refrigerated pie crusts

4 star anise pieces

Ingredients for Syrup:

3/4 cup sugar

1 cup water

1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

2 tablespoons butter

Ingredients for Apple Filling:

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Jolly Autumnal Monday

Filosofa's Word

Good Monday morning, friends, Romans, countrymen!  Oh wait … do you sometimes waken in the morning and have to take a few minutes to figure out who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing here?  I think I’m not quite awake yet … happens a lot as I’ve gotten older!  Anyway, I am quite certain of the fact that today is Monday, the first one of autumn, and the last one in September.  See, I haven’t completely lost my mental acuity.  Joyful is off visiting ‘Uncle Woger’ today, and since Jolly isn’t allowed in the kitchen, I sent him out for donuts ‘n coffee for our morning snack.  No bacon today … sorry guys!  So grab a snack and then we’ve got some fun stuff for your Monday morning chuckles!

Dere’s more in da kitchen if you need more … just ask

How ’bout we start off with…

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