♫ 2Cellos — Thunderstruck ♫

Filosofa's Word

Tonight, after my little bit of a rant, plus some house chores plus responding to comments, I am too drained to come up with an all new music post, so I went digging through my archives and found this little gem!  I guess when Clive challenged me to ‘step outside’ my box, I decided to stay out for just a while, for this is actually an AC/DC tune, but by a couple of guys that put an entirely new spin on it!

Typically, on these music posts I play music that has long been among my favourites.  I play whatever strikes my fancy, or perhaps a tune that is stuck in my head and I need to dilute it by sharing with you, my dear friends.  But tonight, I veer a bit off-course.

Recently, our friend David introduced me to 2Cellos, and I am so taken by their music, their…

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