Epidemiologist warns that COVID-19 cases aren’t declining in NH

While many people want to move on from the COVID-19 pandemic, New Hampshire’s epidemiologist said Wednesday that the virus is still very present in the state and is still deadly.

COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths have been declining nationwide in recent weeks, but state epidemiologist Dr. Benjamin Chan said the numbers in New Hampshire are holding steady.

Chan said that since May, about 100 New Hampshire hospital patients have tested positive for COVID-19 each day, and about one person has died each day of COVID-19.

“In any given flu season, we typically see between 40 to 60 people dying from flu every year,” Chan said. “With COVID-19, where we are right now with a steady state, we’re still seeing about one person per day dying from COVID-19.”

Chan said that means that even in the summer months, COVID-19 is killing people at a higher rate than the flu does in the winter. COVID-19 cases are expected to increase in the fall.

He said that’s why getting the new booster that protects against the omicron variant is important. He said it should provide higher levels of protection against multiple strains of the virus, which prevents more serious outcomes and long-term impacts.

Source: Epidemiologist warns that COVID-19 cases aren’t declining in NH