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The hurdy-gurdy is a string instrument that produces sound by a hand-crank-turned, rosined wheel rubbing against the strings.

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Ay ay ay!!!  How in heck did this begin?  Well, for those who may not have been following the thread, long story short, our dear friend Clive rather challenged me to play an AC/DC song called Whole Lotta Rosie.  Now, he was pretty sure I would not play it and he could hold that over my head for sometime into eternity, but I’m nothing if not a stubborn wench, so … yeah, I played it.  Meanwhile, though, friend Carolyn had begged me not to cave to Clive’s request, for she had a side bet with him that she’d listen to it if I played it!  Since I already owe Carolyn a big one because of Betsy, then I am now twice in debt to Carolyn. Confused yet? 😵‍ She said I could pay her back by playing an ABBA song, so I was looking forward to playing

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