How climate change will affect your hometown and what to do about it

Darcy Hitchcock

Addressing climate change has two parts: mitigation (reducing greenhouse gases) and adaptation (preparing for the expected impacts.) To do the latter, you need to know what impacts you’re likely to experience where you live.

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The Federal Government has just released a mapping program that can tell communities what to expect so they can prepare for the impacts already baked into the climate: excessive heat, flooding, fires, etc.

Here’s an example from the Durango, Colorado area for extreme heat.

Emergency managers will benefit from real time data: how many people are affected by excessive heat, coastal flooding and the like.

To make your community more resilient, take a look at the forecasts. Find out what your municipal leaders are doing to prepare.

  • Do emergency management plans take into account these projected changes?
  • Who is most vulnerable and what’s being done to protect them?
  • Are critical…

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