Llanto en el bosque — Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga

SANTIAGO GALICIA ROJON SERRALLONGA Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright A los árboles, a los bosques, a las selvas, a la vida, a nosotros… No son susurros en el bosque; tampoco es el viento que acaricia las frondas de los árboles. Se oyen suspiros tristes, gritos que el silencio de la muerte apaga y […]

Llanto en el bosque — Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga

Leuchtende Herbstfarben

Senioren um die Welt

Nach einem sehr heißen und trockenem Sommer ist das Wetter umgeschlagen. Es hat endlich geregnet, und die Natur beginnt almählich sich wieder zu erholen. Aber es ist erheblich kühler geworden. Langsam fangen die Blätter an sich zu verfärben, man sieht, dass es Herbst wird. Die bunten, leuchtenden Farben des beginnenden Herbstes machen die absinkenden Temperaturen erträglicher.

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Coisas da SIL

Quero te encontrar
Como água
Quando chega no sertão
E anima o coração .

Que festa
Acenda a chama
Daquele que confia
E espera.

Que alegra
E acalma
Enquanto dura
Sua chegada.

Que brota além
Do esperado
Do desejado
Do amado.

Que radia
Tira sorrisos
Tira choro
Anima a sina.

Que dá ânimo
Fervor, calor e coragem
Só com a sua estiagem.

Que não quer a sua ida
Que não pensa em partida
Que  seja única a sua vinda.
By: Coisas da SiL


I want to find you
Like water
When you arrive in the wilderness
And cheers the heart.

What a party
light the flame
of the one who trusts
And wait.

that rejoices
and calm down
while it lasts
Your arrival.

that springs beyond
of the expected
of the desired
of the beloved.

that radiates
take smiles
Take away cry
Animate the fate.

that gives spirit

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It Trickles Up … Not Down!

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Can She Really Be So Stupid???

Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who replaced bumbling Boris Johnson, has proven in a relatively short time that she is a damned fool.  She is leading the UK down a path to economic disaster and not only that, but she wants all other western nations to follow her down that pathway to nowhere.  In a recent interview, echoing Donald Trump, she said

“We do have to take difficult decisions to get our economy right. We have to look at our tax rates. So corporation tax needs to be competitive with other countries so that we can attract that investment.”

And so, for the sake of Ms. Truss, the good citizens of the United Kingdom, and as a reminder to the people of the United States, I am reprising a portion of my 2017 post here, explaining why and…

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