On The Way

Kaushal Kishore

Thousands of miles
I have walked along the way,
but still I find nowhere near
the destination of my dreams…

I had big dreams
of emulating others’ lives,
while many others
were dreaming of living my life…

I was dreaming of flying high,
while a pilot on a plane
was dreaming to land
at a beautiful farmhouse…

I think I’m intelligent,
but I find more intelligent people
who kept reiterating lessons of life
time and again on the way…

All keep waiting
for their dreams to be fulfilled
oblivious of the fact that the sun
shines only in the day
and the moon in the night…

I have seen people
rushing to grab happiness
at the first available opportunity,
but on the way I see
only the poor kids
dancing freely on the streets…

A seed may also dream
of getting sunlight, water,
manure and proper care
to grow into…

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