Books Unite Us. Censorship Divides Us.

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This week (September 18th – 24th) is Banned Books Week.  No, it doesn’t mean we should ban books this week … quite the opposite!  My plan (and we all know how easily my plans are waylaid) is to do a couple of posts this week about the recent spate of banning books of all sorts by schools and libraries.  But for today, I just want to start by bringing awareness of Banned Books Week … how it started and why, and what the significance is today in the culture where whitewashing of history seems to be a political football.

Banned Books Week was founded in 1982 by First Amendment and library activist Judith Krug. Krug said that the Association of American Publishers contacted her with ideas to bring banned books “to the attention of the American public” after a “slew of books” had been banned that year…

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